Excited about N8 - would like to hear from Mac users re: GUI

I hope this post doesn’t get deleted: I really need to know if the GUI problems (zooming with audio present, etc.) that many Mac users experience with both C8.5 and C9 are present in N8.

So has anyone on Mac had a chance to use this with more than a few audio tracks present in the project and experienced/not experienced the GUI issues? My hopes are not high because I’m seeing people report on some of the other bugs/issues we’ve been having in Cubase 9, but if at least this one thing has been fixed then I need to upgrade immediately - I’m dying to know!

The sluggish GUI is affecting me badly on my top spec 2016 Macbook Pro (not yet installed it on my Dual Xeon workstations but generally speaking the Nuendo GUI runs reasonable well on those). On my Macs the GUI nightmares continue. OTOH Logic 10.3 runs like a dream and Pro Tools 12 is fine.

I know Steiny don’t want to hear this but I think they have to consider a total re-write of the GUI subsystems for the Mac. We Mac users deserve better.

The same issue here on Mac Pro 12-core machine under macOS Sierra. I installed Nuendo 8.0.10 yesterday but it’s almost unusable for now …
N7 works a LITTLE better, but much worse in comparison with Pro Tools 12.7, Logic Pro X 10.3 or Studio One 3.5 - which will be my next primary DAW in near future if Steinberg will not release any update soon… Sorry.


FWIW, like many installations in my experience, I suspect this will have much to do with exact user systems and configurations etc. Is ‘soft’. In my case, Nuendo 8 performs as per the prior v.7 (perhaps a little more ASIO grunt, and just as the Cubase Pro 8.5 to v.9 update earlier).

The particular system listed here in my sig is a Windows computer – however, am also directly involved in a range of other platforms given my university work. In particular, Nuendo 8 is also running the same on a 2010-2012 firmware updated MacPro, 12 core 3.33Ghz tower, 48Gb ram, Mac OS Sierra etc.

Yes, there are some people who are not experiencing it, indeed. But significantly large amounts of people are. If my system runs these other DAWs perfectly GUI-wise, and my system and Mac are fully up to spec for Cubendo (as checked and affirmed by support), I’m not sure what else I can do. I’m not arguing with you, mind you. :slight_smile:

Apart from custom Appearance Color settings issue, N8 performs well on my system (listed below). GUI is not sluggish, zooming works great.

Though I love my iMac 5K dearly, Nuendo has never felt as snappy on the Mac as it did on Windows.

I have to say that unfortunately N8 performs a bit worse…on a session that’s pegging around 50-60% Cpu use,the new lower window functionality, though I love it, is slow, and it can sometimes take seconds to grab a note and scale it in the midi editor.
I’m going to bootcamp my system to see if over the next few weeks I can check how Windows performs on the same system…from my experience, Windows is about 20-30% faster on average use with Nuendo.