Excited to hear Softube Integration possibly coming in version 9.5!

Very cool to hear this.
I am tempted to get one of these for the UAD integration alone but excited to hear that Steinberg is embracing this platform.

Is the CC121 dead? Or are people still using this? I like the idea of the flying fader…maybe this along side with an integrated Console 1 would be a mini-console?

i use the cc121 and console 1

love the cc121 for trasnport and quick controls… and cant wait to be able to use console 1 properly!

Cool thanks for this feedback!

Isn’t the Console 1 integration supposed to come with a later update for 9.5?

PS. I heard in early 2018

It’s coming for 9.5 (and not “possibly”), please change your topic title. ><

Even better

Yeah! But it’s not “possibly” so it’s still misinformation…

I wish the softtube controller had a motor fader, then I would be all over it.
A knob just does not do it for me.
Well I might get one now, just to have some great plugins with a dedicated controller.
Yamaha should take a hard look at it and come up with a replacement for the CC121.

What about a RND Portico Channel Strip from Steinberg & Yamaha for the controller part, with the CC21… All in one great controler for Cubase Channel Strip… :astonished: :open_mouth: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
And why not a “CM 12” for a extension of 12 motorised fader/Pot channel mixer… :blush:

This is the sole reason I never bothered with Console 1. I still think that the only reason not to put a fader on there is to keep costs down (but let’s face it, it still isn’t cheap) and just doesn’t make any sense from a practical mixing point of view.

However, Ive been getting more and more frustrated with my touchscreen for mixing - since going all ITB and ditching my analogue console I’ve just never adapted to not having pots for my EQ & compression. I’ve tried, I’ve REALLY tried to get to grips with a touchscreen mixer but it’s just never been as satisfying as having a physical connection with what’s coming out of the speakers. So, on a trip back to the UK in October I managed to get a deal on the Mk2 Console 1 so decided to give it a try.

Well, apart from the lack of a fader (more on that in a mo) I wish I’d bought one much sooner. Just having something tactile for every major element on each channel makes a huge difference. It’s taking a while to get used to the workflow changes (I do all my mixing on Pro Tools currently so it’s integrated) in track selection etc. but the sooner it’s implemented in Cubase and one would assume Nuendo, the better.

As for the fader situation, I dug out my Alphatrack, which now sits to the left of the Console 1 giving me motorised fader control. A faderport would do the same job.

Honestly, I am a total convert after deriding the thing ever since it came out. It still should have a fader on the unit IMO but the freedom of articulation it gives you is worth the compromise - really. My favourite channel strip has always been the Waves SSL-E so I’m not even interested in the alternative emu’s available for the Console 1, the included strip is fine; if anything the gate is even better than Waves and the addition of the drive & character controls are fantastic (I previously used NLS on every channel as an additional plugin).

So yeah, if the only thing that’s putting you off a Console 1 is the lack of a fader do yourself a favour, use an alternative and get full physical control back over your channels.

Before anyone asks, no I don’t work for or receive any kind of payments from Softube (if fact they probably aren’t talking to me after all the flak I’ve given them in the past for no fader on the Console 1!), I’m just a very satisfied end user and Console 1 convert.