Exciting new discovery!

The builders were doing some work in the loft, and they discovered fragments of an hitherto unknown Albinoni Sonata.

Here’s what I’ve managed to put together so far.

… still needs some work.


I hear the influence from his Paris days. Maybe the dynamics should be a bit more piafissimo.


They should be a bit Moore something., certainly.

Moore please!

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Now I must admit to Moore of my ignorance. I’m only hearing Sous le ciel de Paris.

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I would love to live in a part of the world where finding something like this in the loft was at least a remote possibility. How exciting!

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Perhaps by his youngest son PDQ Albinoni?


Ted Albinoni - I know that familia :pizza:

I discovered yesterday that Parisienne Walkways was based on ‘Blue Bossa’.

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I too must admit to Moore of my ignorance–I wasn’t even aware of Parisienne Walkways and thank @benwiggy for setting me straight. Oops!

Ah, Blue Bossa, couldn’t remember the name but heard it too.


off topic but I was just reading about the guy who bought an old picture at a rummage sale because he liked the frame, then taking it apart found one of the original copies of the declaration of independence folded up behind the picture

which he sold for quite a bit more than the $4 he paid and I think most recently was bought by Norman Lear for $8.1 million