Exciting News!

Today, I got the preview files from the mastering engineer for my debut album. Just listened through and … Wow! he’s done an amazing job. One fade I want to alter, and then I have to finalise the artwork and it’s off to the pressing plant!

Woo Hoo!

Stay tuned for release news! :slight_smile:

Who he?

Any idea of your launch date? Do we get a preview??? :smiley:

Nice one!! Well done!!!

I’m staying tuned. :sunglasses:

So… As to release date… I’m shooting for Easter, because a) I will be able to afford the pressing costs by then, and b) I’m still working on the artwork and packaging…

I’m looking at a gatefold digipak with an 8 page booklet, because I really like digipaks… they put me in mind of proper LPs from days of yore. And it fits with the vibe and concept of the whole album.

The mastering engineer… Thereby hangs a tale:

A good mate of mine was in another life a proper engineer/producer/studio owner - that’s gold and platinum discs on the wall proper - and he kindly agreed to listen through the final mixes for me. While we were listening, I mentioned that I needed to find someone to master the album.

Paul said he had a mate who is a rather well regarded engineer and producer himself, and had set up a mastering suite and was mastering for some of his clients. Paul gave him a ring, introduced us and a deal was struck.

So I’m rather more than a little pleased that the album is being mastered by John Cornfield, whose engineering and production credits include Muse, Verve, Supergrass, The Stone Roses and Robert Plant (to name a few)

This wasn’t a cheap option by any means, but the results more than convince me that it has been money well spent!

Hi Mark

You’ve always been audiophile down to the component level, and it makes sense that you have, as usual, chosen someone special, for the mastering process.

I had to google ‘gatefold digipack’, and when I did, I gave a silent cheer. They’ve got an authority I’ve never been able to experience when looking at or holding a jewel case. Part of it is that no matter how well the inserts are done, that plastic - that ‘necessary wrapping’ is keeping me at a distance from the unique product. As I think back to 12 inch albums, I remember that the glossy and shiny ones achieved less direct ‘contact’ with me than the semi-matt ones. Robert Plant - Physical Graffiti: the feel of print on cardboard, folded and die-cut like it was. It was a real ‘physical world’ for the music.

Congratulations! Because it looks like you’re bringing this important project to completion at a standard which satisfies you as fully as possible.

Best wishes