Exclude bypassed Plugins option removed - Any way around it?


I work with audiobooks and just upgraded from WL9 to 9.5 and it struck me how often I use the option to disable the “Exclude bypassed plugins” option when I Render a selected region in place.

I’ll give you an example: I’ve got a narrator who makes some rustling noises (clothing or script or whatever) from time to time. I usually learn the rustle in iZotope RX spectral denoiser, a plugin which I keep bypassed since I don’t want it applied at playback. With Exclude Bypass disabled I can easily apply the plugin when the noise occurs, without having to click the bypass button all the time.

The same goes for when I correct sentences which could have a slightly different frequency response, say just a little bit more highs. In that case I keep a high shelving EQ bypassed, applying it quickly and without hearing it at playback.

Is there anyway around this newly removed function now in WL9.5? I seem to be the only one missing this option! :neutral_face:

I would like to show you another workflow:
There is a function “Render In Place”, as pointed out with the red arrow.
If you solo the plugin, and call “Render In Place”, then you get what you are looking for.
Isn’t it?

Not really since it doesn’t work when the plug-in is bypassed. I’d have to click off bypass, render in place and then bypass again; slowing down my workflow. Before it was a one click thing…

Then why not using the on/off switch, rather than the bypass option?

No, I would still have to turn it on when rendering.

I don’t want the plugin active on playback, but I want it active when rendering. Without having to turn it on and off each time I render.

Basically, include bypassed plugins when rendering.

Interesting - it used to be the default in WL, to render with bypassed plugins included. I thought it had become an option after that?

I don’t wish to reintroduce the original option, that caused a lot of confusion. However, your workflow is also wishable. One (future) solution would be to have the function “Render In Place”, when executed from the plugin, to always this very plugin, whatever its bypass status.

I feel you could minimize the confusion by calling the option ”Include bypassed plugins when rendering”, and keep it somewhere where it would be difficult to enable it by accident.

I really understand that it used to cause confusion, but i’m not too fond of removing features… But maybe I’m selfish :slight_smile: