Exclude tracks from mute/solo

Here’s my situation:

I have multiple MIDI tracks routed to a rack instrument with multiple outputs enabled. MIDI track 1 corresponds with outputs 1 & 2, MIDI track 2 corresponds with outputs 3 & 4, etc.

Here’s my problem:

When I press the solo button on MIDI track 1, outputs 1 & 2 from the instrument become muted. I must solo both the MIDI track and the corresponding output from the instrument in order to hear the instrument. I have tried creating a link between the two tracks (by right clicking, selecting link selected channels, and choosing to link only mute/solo), but this came with its own problems, and creating these links for every MIDI track is tedious.

At the end of the day, all I want is for a single mute/solo button to correspond with my track, and I would very much prefer to use the button on the MIDI track, since that is where I spend 99% of the time when sequencing; I almost never touch the instrument output until I’m ready to mix.

If there was some way I could set all of the instrument outputs to never mute, even when a track elsewhere is soloed, this would solve my issue. Is this possible?


You can use Solo Defeat (Alt + Ctrl/Cmd + click to the Solo button) on the Instrument Return Channel. Does this work to your scenario?

Solo defeat is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll just use that on all of the instrument returns and their subsequent groups, so that the MIDI tracks’ solo buttons are the only ones that allow soloing. Thanks!