Excluding Certain Tracks from Project Logical Editor Processing

Somehow all the tracks in my (rather large) project got volume automation written to them and I need it gone. However, I need to keep the volume automation on two VCAs. I understand how to use PLE to get rid of all automation, but I can’t seem to get it to filter out the operation from applying to these two VCAs; no matter what I do, it removes volume automation from ALL tracks.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

lovegames solution below is way better than what I had typed here

what happens if you lock the automation track you want to keep? never tried, but might work.

‘Delete Automation of Selected Tracks’ is an already existing key command - that wouldn’t work?

either way, in PLE to make that work, you would want to script it to exclude selection (excluded selection being what you want to keep)

Make you select the track and automation you want to keep, ie, select the tracks with VCA automation you want to keep, press ‘A’ (select all on track), and then run the PLE.

Thank you!! I swear I tried that before and it didn’t delete automation from VCAs, Groups, or FX tracks. But, I just tried it and sure enough, it did! Go figure! I must’ve had something misconfigured.

Oh, wow. You what what it was? When you bring up the “Property” filter, it says “not set” in the condition column. I had naturally assumed that meant the condition was set to “not”, but turns out it actually means “you haven’t set a condition state yet AT ALL.” You need to select “Property Is Not” for it to be set to the “not” state.

Dang. That silliness just cost me a couple hours of my life…

I’ve done that