Excluding Items from Playback

I don’t think this is possible yet, but no harm in asking…

Following a tip on this forum, I’m using a pedal line to indicate gradual change from ord. to sul pont. on a cello part. This messes with playback, since it applies a pedal command. Is there a way to tell Dorico to disregard the pedal line in playback? I’ve poked around Play Mode and the Expression Maps, but I’m not so fluent in that area and nothing popped out at me.


As a workaround, you could create a new instrument, copy the whole thing that has the “pedal line” without that pedal. Take that instrument out of your full score layout (in Setup mode), and create a new “full score for playback” layout with that new instrument. Then make Dorico play that layout…

I’ve just tried it: muting a Pedal line via the Properties panel works, just like it would work with any note.

Thanks! I feel like a total idiot for having missed this option in a year of using Dorico.