Exclusion Groups

Hello. I wanted to ask if “Exclusion groups” have already been implemented. I’ve seen a few posts about it, but I wanted to ask about the current state of this issue. Also, to make sure that I’m not the one doing something wrong.
My problem has been that when I’m trying to change playing techniques using keyswitches the previous technique is not cancelled. When I change from, for instance, “longs” to “staccato” both sounds stay active and playback, etc. Do you have any suggestions? I understand that for after “pizz.” one should have “arco”, but I would like to be able to cancel the previous technique without having to use text all the time, like in the example of “longs” to “staccato”.
Thank you for your help.

Exclusion groups haven’t yet been implemented yet. For the moment you will need to cancel a custom playing technique with a hidden ‘nat.’ playing technique.