Exclusive Groups

I am trying to get a grip with the exclusive groups, and so far failing. As far as I can tell I am following the manual…

I have a layer made up of 29 zones each consisting of one sample, each of which I want to cut each other off but allowing each note to sound as many version of itself. Each zone I have set to be in Voice Group 1.

In the Sound tab for the layer I have Voice Manager on, Voice Groups selected and in the list beneath that I have No 1 set to Excl=1 and Voice Mode=Last Note Priority but nothing cuts anything off - I am obviously missing something but what?!

I have also tried importing my Halion 3 FXP presets for NS7 kit and the closed hi-hats don’t cut off the open hi-hats (they did in Halion 3 Player).

Ah, the penny just dropped - the sound is only cutoff when a zone in a different Voice Group with the same Exclusive Group plays.

I guess I’ll need to edit the NS7 presets a little.

(Talking to myself again!)

hello, I’ve got same problem. Everything from manual done, layers are on diferent voice groups and still doesn’t work.