Exclusive ports in Audio connection

Is anybody able to, disable to exclusive feature in preferences?
I have 3 sets of speakers and they are setup in control room as monitor outs. So i want a port to be not exclusive for monitors but to have a external FX connected.
These output ports are connected on a patchbay so i can switch.
So my problem is when i try to configure an external FX in Audio connections and i setup the same outputs, theese are removed from the monitor setup.
The same goes for the inputs. I want to connect the talkback mic and being able to connect anything else thru patchbay.
I want the exclusive feature disabled. In preferences it is unmarked and it still an i cant make it to work.
I know i can store presets and make it work, but is this a bug?
Cubase 9.5.30.
Can anyone reproduce it?
Thank you in advance!

The preference (and the port setting) is for monitor channels, which an external Fx is not.

Thank you for the answer svennilenni but how does it matter? I just want to disable this feature. If this is for monitor or for inputs or for anything else i want this disabled and it can’t be done.
Example: I have input 4 for my talkback Mic in control Room assigned. But when i multitrack record i want to have input 4 for any instrument or hardware, so i will change on my patchbay the routing for input 4 and i could record flawless. But with this exclusive thing i have to setup or load presets in Audio connections again. I want to avoid this and that’s why the option is there.