Exclusive solo issue.

Maybe I’m too much nit-picking but it seems that something isn’t right, here…

Let’s say that I have five MIDI tracks, two being for a multitimbral VSTi and three dedicated to my external instruments. At first, I am only using the latters and have soloed them :

Then, to add a MIDI part from my multitimbral VSTi, I use the Exclusive solo to check the sound coming form it, with Ctrl+Click on the Solo button of the first track :

At the end, I deactivate the Exclusive solo state (with Ctrl+Click on the Solo button again - I get the same result using only Click) to retrieve the initial state of the five tracks and get this instead :

The Solo states of my three last MIDI tracks have been lost. IMO, using Ctrl+Click on the first track should have allowed me to retrieve them. Not a biggie, as there are only three tracks involved, but still… I am wondering to which point it can be a workflow issue when a whole orchestral setup is involved. Could someone confirm or explain this behavior ?


It’s specified like this. Cubase doesn’t remember the Solo state before Exclusive Solo has been triggered.

Ok, Martin, thanks. Rather strange, if you ask me : in the case described above, I would have think that the previously soloed tracks keep their state and retrieve it once the exclusive one being undone.