Excursions - a free bank for Padshop Pro (230 patches)

Hi I posted this over at KvR years ago but noticed there wasn’t a thread here. This is a free and ever evolving bank for Padshop Pro - basically collecting all my user patches created over the last few years (well the ‘keepers’ anyway) in the course of composing music. Most patches use the factory samples but a few use a small pool of user samples, some created in Metasynth. I’m a big fan of Luciano Berio and so many patches are based on granularised vocal experiments and experimental uses of traditional instruments. So no ‘bread and butter’ stuff - not my thing.

Some examples of music created with some of these patches here:




and there are also some demo’s of patches on my website

Bank is here - the ZIP contains 230 vstpresets, user samples and also I made aupresets that Logic users may find useful


This forum seems very quiet, it would be great to have a subforum here for patch exchange and sound design as is the case with the Halion forum. Maybe that would generate some more momentum?

Added some more presets made this weekend - now 211 presets including aupreset versions for Logic.


To install for Windows 7-users that has installed Padshop Pro with the default path settings:

Place the PRESET-folder here:
C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Padshop\

Place the SAMPLES-folder here:

(notice that Windows shows the “Documents” folder as “My Documents” when using Explorer or GUI).

Btw, the user-folders for Padshop are only created if you have already saved a preset before. So if you have never created your own preset before, using your own wav’s/samples, the folders will not exist. You have to create a preset with a new wav/sample manually, before copying/moving the above folders.

Thanks - I use Mac so wasn’t sure about the Windows paths

Added some more patches - now up to 230

This batch has several nice ‘normal’ pads (several made from slowed down or reversed instruments) as well as the more usual (for me) ambiences, experiments and soundscapes. Also this batch has no aftertouch assignments, I made more use of modwheel this time as my current controller doesn’t have aftertouch - I might update those to add AT when I have the one that does back as I like using it in Padshop Pro. As usual available from my site (where there is also a donation link at the top if you want to use it)

@msy I added your info to the readme text file for user samples - thanks again


230 is a lot so I have now reorganised these into 10 subfolders roughly reflecting their sound type (although many are hard to define neatly)

Updated again - new patches have aftertouch added now


I bought Padshop Pro yesterday and then found this thread, so I also downloaded Excursions. Very impressed !

BTW on my Mac, I had to create folders all the way down:

/Users/<username>/Documents/Steinberg/Padshop/Samples/User Samples

and then place Bloom.wav, NoEvidence.wav etc in there.

I copied the preset directories into

/Library/Audio/presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/Padshop/Excursions


This bank is now updated to be fully NKS compatible - which means controller mapped and tagged presets and audio previews for NI keyboards and Maschine


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Hi thank you very much for this crazy hard work ! one question ! your library is not appearing in the “content set” tab, but only in the tree view. is it a limit to third party content, or I maybe did something wrong or maybe something i’m not aware of ? thank you !