exec files-corrupt and unusable?

I have some old cubase song files that date back to SX2. I have transferred them from one hard drive to another. Recently I had a look at them and discovered that they have turned into exec files. Ive tried renaming them as .cpr and even .midi files but they just show up as invalid files. Are these files corrupt and unusable or are they convertible? Im hoping that someone at cubase can put me out of my misery!

AFAIK suffix “.cpr” (Cubase Project File) was introduced with SX1 since 2002. Pre-2002 VST projects will have an “.arr” or an “.all” suffix.
Your files should all have natively the suffix .cpr; so something was going wrong during the transfer from one system to the other one I’m afraid. Are you sure that your files were not encrypted by a third party mechanism on the original drive ?
Have no idea of what you can do.

Hi Bernard many thanks for your input. Re quote Yes this is what I think may have happened. Im not really a computer wizz when it comes to this area so Im rather hoping that someone from Steinberg may be able to cast some light on this problem

Can you post one? What if you Open With via right-click and choose Cubase?

Hi! attached is what they look like on right hand click its shows as Cubase 7 (default)
exec.tiff (34.6 KB)

Ah, you’re on Mac? Still, can you post one of the files? Maybe I or someone can convert it to .cpr.

unfortunately the forum is not allowing me to upload one of theses files so Ive put it on drop box-Ive just downloaded it from there but it’s showing it as a text file


Yeah, when I change it to .cpr, I get invalid file type when opening with Cubase here, too.

Ive done all that NWP sorry to say… I think i need some one from steinberg to give me the facts-maybe someone who knows how to repair theses files -or not-by getting into them and changing some of the code maybe?

I managed to solve the problem on this thread. My Brother had a really early version of cubase SL1 I believe and het presto they opened I did re-save and now working well in 7.5 Hope tho helps any open who may have old files