Executing X3A files in Cubase AI 9.5 via MIDI


My installation is listed below my question.

Can I run/execute .X3A files within Cubase AI 9.5 via MIDI control from my Yamaha MOXF8? Instead of having the files stored in onboard flash, inside the MOXF8, I wondered if they can be run from within Cubase on my PC? I refer to .X3A and .X6A files in this context, e.g. ‘CP1’ and ‘Inspiration in a Flash’ files.

I can’t afford to justify the cost of the MOXF8 flash upgrade yet as I am still in the early stages of learning but have got to point I would like to delve into Cubase more.

If anyone can advise I should be grateful as I’ve found it difficult to find articles relating to this question.

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Yamaha MOXF8 (MIDI and USB connections are used - but no flash expansion modules installed - just the machine as it came out of the box)
Cubase AI 9.5
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Intel i5 PC with 16GB RAM

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No, Cubase cannot import *.X3A files.