Execution techniques

Hi, how is it possible to copy string marks (es. downbow) to multiple notes at the same time?

Which version of Dorico do you have? As of Dorico 5, when you have a range of notes selected and input a notation, that notation will get added at each selected note.

Playing techniques have slightly special behaviour, in that they’ll either be input multiple times or once with a duration line, depending on their associated playback technique. Downbows though get input once per selected note.

If you want to copy the bowing of a phrase, Select the pattern, filter for playing techniques and use alt-click to replicate wherever needed.

If you want to do both bowing and slurs together, Select the pattern, filter de-select notes and chords (which will leave the playing techniques and slurs) and then use alt-click to replicate.

I have Dorico 4 and would like to insert downbow simultaneously on multiple notes at the same time even in distant measures

As Lillie says, you’ll need Dorico 5 to do this automatically.

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With D4, as you are going to have to select each point you want the downbow anyway, just enter the first, then hold down alt- and click each place you want to add it thereafter.

[If one got to start at thread about execution techniques, I guess today’s as appropriate as it gets all year round…]