Existing Hand Feature Improvement Suggestions

When using the Hand tool, the page is not draggable outside of the physical page (i.e., the desktop area). Under Sibelius, for example, dragging the desktop area drags the page. It would make Dorico easier to use if it also had this behavior rather than needing to be on the page to drag it.

I recommend enabling the hand tool to move the page on the “desktop area”.

Also, I miss the Navigator tool from Sibelius. It makes it easier to traverse large scores more quickly.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Do you have a scroll wheel? If so, you can scroll up and down… and if you hold down Shift, you can scroll left and right.

That’s not to say your request isn’t a good one, just a tip.

Unfortunately, since my job is computer-based, my “scroll finger” (haha) is very very worn out. It would be so nice if Dorico took more kindly to tired users like myself.

Thanks for your time in answering me though.

I am not sure what their architecture is but it seems like they could just programmatically make the “desktop” area function like the page does in terms of user dragging. Also, even MuseScore (a free program) has the Navigator feature and the ability to drag the desktop just like Sibelius. Dorico on the other hand is expensive and premium so I am expecting it to be Easier to use rather than Harder to use.

Plus, it’s hard to convince others to “Switch to Dorico” when they complain about basics like these issues. They look at these issues and turn away.

Perhaps they will have a more energetic “scroll finger” than you do.