Existing midi tracks don't sync to new tempo track??

I have a project originally created with programmed drum part at 93 bpm
Several keyboard tracks/parts all done and completed.

Now I have imported a live drum recording that was done for the same song but (deliberately) not to a click track.
I have used the timewarp tool to move the bar grid lines to match the audio (manually, as ‘tempo detection’ got in a mess).

The Cubase metronome now ticks along nicely with the live drum track and the tempo map (plus display on the transport) confirms Cubase tempo varying as expected (desired even!).

BUT… the keyboard parts already recorded are resolutely playing back at the original fixed 93 bpm, you can see the notes are no longer on the bar/beat lines… and…help!!

Hoping it’s really something stupid on my part… I’m sure I did something similar in an older version of Cubase and everything just ‘worked’ with the existing midi parts slaving nicely to the varying tempo… it’s driving me crazy.

Cubase 9.5

No worries, after a bit more ‘RTFM’ I found that a second click on the Timewarp icon produces a sub menu where you can choose if you want ‘all musical events’ to follow the new tempo track or not. Second choice down is the follow all musical events, selected that and now it is all fine. Not sure why you would ever ‘not’ want the midi tracks to follow the tempo track (but guess there must be an application for that) but would have thought the default would be to do so? However now I’ve selected that mode once it does seem to ‘remember’ and default to that now.