Exit ARA2 editor in Cubase 10.5?


Not sure if this is should be a ‘Cubase’ forum question or ‘SpectraLayers’ forum, but here goes…
Once you have activated ‘SL7’ in Cubase as an Extension, how does one CLOSE the ‘SL7’ editor pane in the lower part of the Project Window?
Once it is set to ‘SL7’, I can no longer get back to the Cubase Audio Part editor unless I select ‘Audio->Extensions->Remove Extension from Selected Events’



Are you trying to access Cubase’s waveform editor on the same audio event SL has been assigned to?
You can’t : ARA does not allow data and data history synchronization between multiple audio editors.

The only way to get back to the waveform editor once you’re done with you SL edit is to bounce your audio event. It will then save SL’s edits into your audio event, and you will be able to edit it in Cubase’s waveform editor.

Thank you, Robin.