ExMaps - how to handle "length condition" at faster tempo

In expression maps, the note length conditions are set based on the bpm=120. However, these conditions are offset when the tempo indication changes. For example, quarter notes set as “medium” at 120 bpm would become “short” at 172 bpm, which is less than optimal when samples are assigned based on note length.

What’s a good way to deal with this? Thanks

The idea behind this is that since shorter notes in sample libraries are of a fixed length, it makes sense for the choice of which set of samples to use should be based on the absolute length of the note in real time rather than its notated length, which of course varies entirely by the tempo.

I assume, however, that you have another aim in mind. Can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

Thank you, Daniel, the bulb eventually got turned back on with this bit. I’ve been trying to match samples for unmarked plain string notes of various speeds, from runs to looped sustains, and eventually got lost with allocation rules. I kept reading “dotted quarter” and such instead of looking at the real time value. Cheers!