Exp Maps: Allow Directions to be inserted from the info line

I hope the expression mapping of Cubase can be upgraded. It has been the same for so many years, and it is too uncomfortable for people with small screens. There are many techniques that cannot be seen anymore. You can refer to Cakewalk, where you can place individual techniques at the top of the piano window and load them from a list to reduce a lot of unnecessary space.I like that as this


I know this, but it doesn’t work for triggering techniques in the middle of notes. It can only correspond to one note, which is too limited

Do you use both attributes and directions in Cubase?

yes,I usually use directions,it can not show in the top of piano window. And if attributes ,it can only select notes by framing them to activate them.I want to be able to add techniques anytime, anywhere at the top of piano window, such as cakewalk

That’s because a Direction is its own standalone MIDI Event and not something attached to an already existing Note like an Attribute is. The only things you can ever adjust on the Info Line (throughout Cubase) are the fields of items which already exist. You can’t create new items of any type by using the Info Line. For example you can’t create new MIDI Notes using the Info Line.

And then, 99% of the time a Direction is going to use a Keyswitch (aka a new MIDI Note).

Sorry but in Cubase you’re gonna need to use the bottom of the Window for that.

Yes, there’s a problem with that. If there are too many techniques and the screen is not large enough, it won’t be visible .So I hope cubase can update
for this