expand cubase bar over multiple screens

Hi all

might be stupid, but my windows layout would always be left + center screen project and right screen is the mixer (3x1920x1080)
with the new interface the menu bar is only at the left screen and when I extract the project window over my 2 screens, I have a “blank” space above it. It really is ugly. Sorry to be nity gritty about things like that. Is there an option to expand that bar?

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Same here. I DO NOT like this new GUI.

Its really, really annoying!


This is honestly one of the dumbest, worst design decisions I have ever seen in a Windows program (and that is saying A LOT given the horrendously bad user interfaces in a lot of Windows programs).

How could Steinberg disregard every Windows convention there is and combine the window title bar with the menu bar (and make it some screwy floating menu)? The fact that there is now this ridiculous blank space at the top of other monitors is unbelievable. How could Steinberg implement and then ship such a UI disaster?

The Product Manager and UX Designer should both be fired for their total incompetence.

You join this forum in February and are already calling for people’s jobs?

What does my joining this forum in February have to do with anything? I have 30+ years experience working with music technology including interface design. I am also a Director of Product Management for a well-known enterprise software company.

Unless the person was an intern who literally had zero experience with Windows software, I would fire anyone on my team who made such bad design choices. This is such an EPIC fail that I am struggling to understand the level of incompetence that would be required to f^ck up so badly.

In a nice way, I see that same display issue. I don’t care for it particularly as some of my desktop backgrounds on the other two monitors are distracting when not being covered up by the stretch of the menu bar or expanding the mixer or other components to fill in the screens.

Initially, I thought I might have had an installation setup error.

I wouldnt want to fire those guys…some one higher up had to approve these ideas…just get the option back in there and we move on.

Calling out for their job, well from a product director I can understand, yet still a product manager. Yet the discussions on ux and ignoring conventions are correct