Expand ON SCREEN KEYBOARD functionality to manage Keyswitches

In order to make much more playable the instrumets with Keyswitches, we could use the on-screen keyboard. However, now it is very limited and I think it should add some simple functions:

  • Playing from C-2 (now you can choose up to C-1).
  • Display the name of the note in the key/letter. This is important to match the octave (C-2, C-1, etc.)
  • Make easier the change between octaves (starting from C-2, C-1, C-0, etc).
  • Add an extra octave, not just one. This will be useful if you want to click in the note or if you have a touch-screen.
  • Add an option to label the notes (as a preset). This way, we can add the KS we have attached to the note if we want. Actually, it could be auto-labeled with the information gathered in Expression Map.

This way, you could change easily from any articulation without the need of external and very complicated plugins.

The feature is almost implemented, it only needs few minor tweaks. It could be a nice add-on for the people that works with MIDI…

If you change the view to Piano Keyboard you get 3 octaves.

If you work with MIDI a lot, I would seriously consider purchasing a real, physical MIDI keyboard.

I’m afraid you don’t understand me.

I do have a piano connected to my pc to manage MIDI. What I want is to click in the MIDI notes below A0 (this is, from C-2) in order to change the keyswitch, as there is no other way to do so in Cubase. In my old set up I had a physical extra keyboard configured to start in C-2 in order to do so, while I was playing normally in my 88-keyboard. However, it will be much easier if you could do this simply clicking in the key. The problem with the ON SCREEN KEYBOARD is that it only reaches C-1, and not C-2.