Expand Sounds


I’m looking to expand my library of sounds. I recently bought Native Instruments Elements. I was reallly disappointed with the sounds. Too many Trancey sounds. You hit a key and a sequence of sounds appears. I hate that. I like to create my own patterns.

Can anyone recommend a good value budget way of expanding sounds. I don’t want any free vst intruments. (i really don’t mind paying for them, especially if they are good)
I’d like more instruments like, Pianos, basses, brass, percussions, pad synths, the standards. I have an Roland xp-80 at home. There are 100s of all round sounds on it. I’d love a vst intrument equivalent.
I have cubase 5 and the Halion instruments are pretty good. Its a pity the library wasn’t about 6 times the size.

Anyone any suggestions?


Thanks i think i will go for Dimension pro.
I’m already using addictive drums which i think is great