Expanded Tempo Markings functionality

It would certainly be awesome if Cubase would finally have the ability to allow users to define complex tempo markings like allowing the dotted quarter to get the beat, or just an eighth note getting the beat. Why have a scoring feature if you can’t use advanced tempo markings? I mean, I’ve spent the time to do the conversions but that is a complete waste of my time. Anyway, this hasn’t been in Cubase but rather other DAW’s like Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Studio One. Maybe we can finally get this with Cubase 8 “Pro”?

I agree that this could be improved, but, in the particular case you describe, did you know that you can right-click on the “note” of the tempo symbol, which brings up a pop-up menu? For example, with the default quarter-note = 120 BPM, right-click on the quarter-note, change it to “8” and you’ll now get eighth-note = 240 BPM.

Yes, there are many tempo related things that need to be improved. There have been precious few changes in the 17 years that I’ve been using Cubendo, and the whole tempo/metronome/grid thing needs rebuilding from the ground up.


Hear, hear!

See the problem here is that you just hear the eighth note beating at 120 which sounds like 240. Having a proper tempo system means, whatever I set the note length to, gets the proper bpm that is assigned. Thus, an eighth would play at 120 and not 240. A lot of my need for this is because I compose freely on paper and within Sibelius and then convert over to my template in Cubase to mock it up. I have to spend time doing the numbers game to get the right tempo which just shouldn’t happen. It is a sequencer and should be able to do this stuff without having to work around it. That is my point.

Anytime a piece of music related software starts dictating and limiting the freedom of my creative process, it needs to be fixed. This is on of those issues.

I think it would be nice if we could go up beyond 300 bpm for some really crazy tempo changes but maybe that’s just me :smiley: increase the range to 800! that way we still have a bit of freedom.

or better yet, do what fl studio does and make it so the range is adjustable by the user, so the defaul range of the bpm can go from 10 bpm to 300, and if you increase the range you could go down to point values or up to 800 but at the choice of the user :slight_smile:

You can actually adjust the range via the tempo track.

oh I just tried it, that’s handy to know :smiley: but it stops at a maximum of 300 bpm. which is plenty if you’re giving normal note values. but for more experimental projects with larger note sizes and adjusted tempos it’d be nice to go to even bigger extremes, say, from 50 bpm doing adagio style strings to 800 bpm with really large notes larger than a breve to create some interesting transitions.

currently cubase only allows you to set the value as far as 300, I say increase it a bit :slight_smile: