Expanding buffer size in Dorico for Ipad


I would like to expand the buffer size in Dorico for IPad to accommodate a plug-in. Can anyone advice how I can go about doing this?



At the present time, the buffer size in Dorico for iPad is fixed and not exposed as a user setting. Can you say a bit more about the plug-in you’re trying to use and why you think you need to increase the buffer size?

Hi Daniel,
I have added two piano plugins (Module from Korg which is free, and Pure Piano which is purchased). Both exhibit distortion and interference sounds during playback but this does not occur when I select Microsonic the built in Dorico player. I contacted Pure Piano who suggested that I try changing the following settings in the Pure Piano plugin:

  • turn Liquid Morph OFF: DONE
  • set Voice Mode to Opt: DONE
  • increase the Buffer Size:

I cannot access the buffer size adjustment and the distortion problem persists. I am informed that buffer size is controlled by Dorico, the host. Would appreciate any advice you could give to assist.

Many thanks!


It would be interesting to hear what iPad model you use.
I also have sound distortion with AUv3 plugins, also unresponsive UI, but I am pretty sure the reason is that my 12"9 iPad Pro from 2015 has not enough RAM memory and cpu power.

Thanks for your feedback, Bob. I’m using an IPad Air 2 which has 2Gb RAM and 64Gb of storage. I really hope to get this sorted out (without having to purchase a new device) so that I can enjoy the features of Dorico for IPad.

Try going to the Play page of Preferences and switching off the Enable multi-core rendering option at the very bottom of that page.


Great! That works, Daniel. Much appreciated!

Thanks from me too, I had actually given up on AUv3 plugins with this device, and now I’m happily surprised that AUv3 plugins sound crystal clear and Dorico’s UI is more responsive overall, thanks to this setting.