Expanding kits in Play mode scrolls to top

In Play mode, after clicking the caret on a Percussion Kit track name to view the instruments within, the window immediately scrolls back up to the top track.
The same happens when closing the kit; you have to go to the kit, click the caret, and the window scrolls immediately back to the top track.

Does any one experience this?

Hi @DanielMuzMurray , yes, I can confirm this behaviour. I agree that it is not comfortable but I don’t find a setting to overcome this.

The only mitigation comes if you use the Track Zoom icon and set it so that the tracks occupy less vertical space, minimising the vertical scrolling, so that you can leave your kit open. (and anyway, the important part that needs to be visualised large, is the lower zone, with the key and controllers editors)

Or, if you have to work on the Percussion kit, you can neatly choose it from the layout picker (instead of scrolling), and then return to the Full score (I just discovered that visualising per layout works in Play mode, too, as a sort of “track filter” :slight_smile: )

Yes, we know about this. It’s annoying, and we plan to improve it in future. It’s not simple to do, otherwise we would have already done it.

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