Expanding MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant Beyond 8 Channels in Cubase

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of setting up my MIDI controller with Cubase using the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant. My project has around 20 tracks, and I want to assign the ‘solo’ function of each track to knobs on my MIDI controller.

However, I’m encountering a limitation when searching for ‘solo’ in the function browser of the mapping assistant - it only shows options for 8 channels. Consequently, I can only assign my knobs to solo the first 8 channels, leaving the rest unassigned.

Does anyone know how I can extend this beyond 8 channels? Is there a way to increase the number of channels available in the function browser so that I can control ‘solo’ on all 20 of my tracks?

Thanks in Advance!

Right click on the solo you want and 'midi learn ’ ?

If you have 20 knobs to use for 20 solos, you can go to the “===Mixer Bank Setup===” entry in the mapping assistant, and change 8 to 20. This way, you tell cubase that you want a 20 channel bank. You’ll have 20 of everything at your disposal then.


Absolutely, I appreciate your clear response. Thank you!

Truly appreciate both your response and that of FilterFreq’s. Your insights have been extremely valuable. Many thanks!

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