Expanding playback range for contrabass

Is there any way to expand the playback range of instruments? I’m working with some really high contrabass harmonics, so it would be helpful to have some sort of playback pitch. After it passes the written A5, the playback stops, and I would need playback up to F6 or G6.

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The only ways to do that are
• Using a “general MIDI” sound that is not a full sample-based instrument
• Creating the notes you need with a sampler like the full version of HALion 6, which supposes some amount of work…
• More convoluted: use a different voice for those notes, and use different sounds sources for that new new voice, such as cello or viola harmonics?

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sampled instruments obviously can’t have the range extended as it hasn’t been recorded. The only thing to look out for is to ensure that the full available range is active as some vendors give the option to restrict the loaded native range to save resources and it may even be the default setting. However, as well as usually poor quality GM sounds, a primarily modelled library like NotePerformer can play more or less whatever you want.

VSL libraries tend to have in general an extensive range – better than most others I’ve come across.