Expanding UR824 with MR816CSX

Hi, I’ve connected the ADAT ins to the outs and vice versa to get 16 channels out of the UR824, but I am not getting signal in Cubase. Also configured the MR 816 to ADAT output, same buffer(256) and clock to ADAT and same sample rate(44). All drivers have been updated. Would appreciate any help.

Have you configured the mr816 including channel levels on the mr816 editor, that did the trick for me when setting this up. You have to save it to a file/patch, on some other hardware (focusrite for example) you can save your setup to the hardware so that it is available when running in stand-a-lone mode. This stand-a-lone procedure must be follow for mr816 as well like I desribed earlier, read up the manual because it could be so that extra steps are involved! Lookin the manual as there is a chapter dedicated to it.


See page 44