Expansion installed but no presets in browser

Hi, I just bought the Dark Mass expansion, installed/activated with the Library Manager, but no presest are showing up in Retrologue…:frowning:

what to do please?
Thanks anybody!!!

Best, nwb

PS I’m on Mac OS 10.12 using Logic

Hi, Allert here, one of the sound designers of Dark Mass. While I am by no means a Steinberg employee and I can’t speak for them maybe I can help.

Over here, Dark Mass does show up in Retrologue, I’m using Logic 10.6.2 on Big Sur at the moment.

So you have installed Dark Mass using the Steinberg Download assistant, opened it and installed it with the Library Manager. Just for completeness, have you also registered your Dark Mass serial with the e-licenser control center?

Allert Aalders - The Solos / Sonar Traffic

Hi Allert, I really appreciate you responding, thank you!

Good to know at least that Dark Mass can work with Logic/Mac. I’m using Logic 10.4.4 /OS 10.14.6.

I installed as you say with Download Assistant/ Library Manager, that seemed fine and the Activation was fine too, but I haven’t registered any Dark Mass serial on the e-licenser- I didn’t get any serial number; just the Download Code. Is a Serial Number needed? When I log into my My Steinberg account BTW, only Retrologue itself shows up, no Expansion. However: I just got an Activation Code again from my Steinberg account (using the Download Code) which I just tried added in the e-licenser, but the e-licenser tells me the Activation Code has already been used…and only Retrologue itself shows up on my e-liecenser, not the Dark Mass expansion.

Maybe this can help: would you kindly tell me where exactly the Folder “VST Sound - The Solos” and its content “Dark_Mass.vstsound” are found on your System? I’ve been trying various locations in my Library / User Library folders, so far without success.

Dark Mass is an incredible expansion, I’d really like to use it on a project with a deadline today & tomorrow… so it would be really cool to get it running in Retrologue.

Best regards & thanks again - I wrote to Steinberg support last week already but have had no response.

Nigel Watson

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your kind words. Does Dark Mass show up in the e-licenser control center as registered?
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Here’s a screenshot of my Library Manager with the path visible:

Please note it’s the Main library, not the user library.

Allert Aalders - The Solos / Sonar Traffic

Hi Allert

Ok, well I have Dark Mass in that folder location too.

Can I ask: does the Dark Mass expansion show as an item in your e-licenser? If so, then my issue lies there; even though the Activation initially appeared successful, something possibly went wrong there. When I enter the Activation Code now, the e-licenser says “already used” - but Dark Mass doesn’t show there under “my licenses”.

in your Retrologue browser, does Dark Mass show up as a sub-folder in the User Folder, or is it at the top level in the Retrologue Browser?

I suppose I’ll have to wait for Steinberg support, which by all accounts is rather slow……

Anyway……many thanks again for chiming in and the moral support :slight_smile:

Best, Nigel

Ok well the solution was to go through the whole process again -first removing Dark Mass, then buying a new copy -neccessary to get a fresh Activation Code- and Downloading it, then Activating with the e-licenser. I figured if I wait for Steinberg Support it could take a long time…

…so now all is as it should be and I have Dark MAss with Retrologue. Happy. Phew!


Wow! That’s beyond the call of duty! You bought it again? I don’t know what to say.

For the record, yes Dark Mass appears as it own folder, top level in the Retrologue browser, not in the user content and yes, Dark Mass is it’s own item in the e-licenser.

Anyway, great to hear you got it working and I’m really curious what you’ll do with it. Any chance you can share something when it’s done?

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Sure I’d love to share something. Thanks again Allert :slight_smile:

Best, Nigel

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