Expansion pack VST presets or Kit with patterns [solved]


I bought Songwriter Essentials, and took a free trial of Nashville. Neither of these expansion packs added any VST presets to the list in Groove Agent SE. I can load kit, or load kit with patterns, but not load preset.

  1. Is this behavior expected?
  2. Is load preset different from load kit with patterns?

My GA SE version is 4.2.40

There is two Preset bank in each Expansion, one for Groove Agent SE and one for Groove Agent… so if you use the Groove Agent Presets it does’nt work with Groove Agent SE. and some expansion have Xtra Kits…

I got the solution from support:

Initialize preferences by renaming the %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 8_64 folder.

I now have 149 factory presets in GA, instead of 117. Thank you!

I have a similar problem - installed Songwriter Essentials, but have only the Groove Agent bank available (no Groove Agent SE options. Cubase 9 has only the SE version active, so I cant get it to work. (Blues Essentials installed OK with both banks available, by the way. So it seems that Songwriter Essentials is at fault). Tried re-installing with ‘for all users’ option, but no change. Steinberg Support has not replied for 20 days… [I don’t really understand how to do Bandini reply above]. Thanks if any advice. Regards


Sorry, I only just realized you posted this way back in December. I hope you’ve solved your problem long ago, but I thought I’d give you (or anyone else browsing) a clearer response:

  • Close Cubase if it’s running
  • Copy this: %appdata%\Steinberg
  • Paste in a Windows address bar
  • You should see a folder named Cubase LE AI Elements 8_64 (or your version if different)
  • Rename this folder to whatever you like
  • Start Cubase