Expected accidental not appearing

This is Grade 1 Theory stuff, but I might have to sit the exam again. The last note in the alto line here is meant to be a C#, but Dorico won’t show an accidental automatically in this context:

The video first shows what appeared when I input the music. You can then see me unlinking the ties to show the underlying pitches. I then replace the ties one by one, and you can see that the last note then doesn’t have a #. This isn’t right, is it? I can easily show the accidental manually, of course, but I’m now plagued with self-doubt…
(I’ve uploaded what there is of the project in case it’s of any use.)
Cymun.dorico (723.5 KB)

Check the accidentals property for the final C#. If it is toggled on (by mistake) then the accidental will automatically hide.

No, the property wasn’t toggled, and I’ve now twice repeated the input process from scratch for these few bars in the alto, and the same issue occurs each time.
There is another strange thing about the alto staff - if I try to reduce S. and A. to a single staff for the piano rehearsal staves, the alto keeps its stems-up property, whereas the B. correctly assumes a stems-down voice when T. and B. are reduced. Once again I can easily work around that, but I can’t really understand what is happening there either.
(Actually, that’s another issue entirely. I can’t get the accidental to appear in whatever staff I put the music in.)

I have a feeling it’s caused by the Modernist Accidentals (though I don’t understand why). If you revert to Common Practice the problem goes away.

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Aaaahhh, of course. I’d forgotten that new projects always start with the default. This’ll galvanise me to get to grips with the new Library Manager so that I can import settings over from previous projects. Thanks, Janus!
(Actually this new project’s opening setting was ‘Second Viennese School’, now that I’ve checked, which seems unexpected.)

Even more curious as that option should put accidentals on everything!