Expected Release date for 7.03


I also have the impression that SB people are participating less to the forum activity in these days (weeks)…am I wrong? Tons of complaints, tons of confirmed issues to be acknowledged, etc… no feedbacks.

If somebody says something good about Cubase, they listen and reply. Everybody loves cheerleaders, nobody likes grumpy complainers. If you want them around here, then make them feel good.

i dislike cheerleaders and that whole culture .
if a domestic engineer came to your house and installed something that didn’t work properly you would want them to return and sort the problem out straight away and if that engineer said to you there might be a possibility of sorting out the problem in 3-6 months time but not guaranteed would you be happy ???
In my eye’s just because this is software it doesn’t make any difference , it doesn’t work as expected so i want the problem sorted out after all it is paid for

I did make them feel good when I payed 550 euro for C7.

Don’t you know? You cannot even begin to compare complexity of any domestic appliance with super complex DAW like C7. If you’re not happy with Cubase, why not make some music on refrigirator or washing machine? We should all be happy that Cubase is blessed with fixes and updates. Steinberg could easily just sell C7, and then C8 two years later, with nothing inbetween. Be a good consumer, pay the price and be happy with what you get for it. No company likes complainers, always complaining that this or that button is not working. Better lets show some respect to Stainberg, make them happy, and then they will maybe feel inclined to bless us even more with a fix or two in the next couple of months.


About 99% of the forums out there, most people dont seek out forum unless there having an issue they need fixed. so yes forums are 99% negative… I worked in the service department of a car dealership. and every customer was a royal pain in the ass… but then i realised most of the customers were there becasue there car was broken, rarely if ever did i experience a happy customer. But when someone spends 20000 on a car , they expect it not to leak/miss/rattle or what ever.

so you see there is a reason this forum seems to be all about things not working.

i been using Cubase since SX… ive learned theres always something. but its never been a deal breaker. Ive also used all the other DAW and they are not perfect either. Cubase has always worked well enough to keep going with it. im on 7 and all things considered I like it so far, there is a learning curve but once i started getting my head round it the more im diggin it.

the cmc tools are nice as well btw…

Funny where this discussion goes :laughing:

Well, a DAW is supercomplex as well as many other things, devices, cars, whatever. Steinberg has shown the ability to create a program that works pretty well on a wide range of computers with all kinds of hardware combinations. Respect! It will never work perfect for all, no software ever will, especially not .0-versions. That’s not the point.

The point is that in development of Cubase 7 some pretty poor decisions were made IMHO. Decisions of marketing people who may have no clue of how professional audio work is done?!? That’s nothing more than my personal suspicion of course :confused:
Some things have died by designing a new mixer, the neat stuff that sales departement doesn’t even know of…

Give me that new mixer with complete and properly working key commands and I don’t give a s…t of the look. Give me options to tailor Cubase’ surface to my liking and I’ll make friends with it quickly :smiley:

Right. A little software development cycle 101 for those who want quicker updates.

  1. You release a major update to software. You try as best you can to bring out something new and exciting so that people will buy it.
  2. You and your users discover bugs in it.
  3. You need to change code to fix the bugs.
  4. You then need to test the changes to the code that you have made, because in something as complex as Cubase, any change will affect other parts of the programme.
  5. You fix the bugs that you have discovered in the changes that you made.
  6. Re-test and fix the subsequent bugs.
  7. Go round bug/fix cycle until you are reasonably content with the version.
  8. Release the new version.
  9. Avoid reading this forum because no matter how hard you have worked, all everyone does here is winge about what you have put out.
  10. Grow a thick skin, look at your feedback, prioritise what you need to fix next and start again at Step 2.

I commend Helge and his team for getting the updates out as fast as they do. I too am looking forward to 7.03 but I don’t want it until Steiny are ready to release it. Only then will I know that it has best chance of being stable.

Right. A little software development cycle 101 for those who want quicker updates.

  1. You release a major update to software. You try as > best > you can to bring out something new and exciting so that people will buy it.

There’s the problem. Not their best effort to date. This version was pushed out the door at least 6 months too early. This forum is way more depressing to read than the C6 forum was in the first months after initial release.

More than this, what upsets me is that they would put the product out KNOWING that it had so many bugs. There is no way that they did not know the product had all these bugs before it was released. For some people to complain about people complaining about a product they paid for that still has alot of bugs to be fixed even after 2 updates is beyond me. I love Native Instrument products but I HATE their customer service. Steinberg seems like its becoming this way as well. I hope they dont get as bad as those guys. But some acknowledgement on the forum to let us know that they at least are aware of the bugs and they are working on them would be great. That being said, bugs and all, i’ve learned to work through the stuff that annoys the crap out of me in C7 and have been using it consistently for the past month. The one thing that i do notice when i go back to 6.5 to work on older projects, 6.5 is WAY snappier than C7. You click to activate any sends or what ever, it responds immediately. C7 has a bit of a delay. becomes an annoyance when im autimating delays on a verse and have to time hitting the activate button before I actually want it to activate. And this using 6.5 32 bit compared to C7 64bit. Oh well…Still choose C7 over any other daw hands down…heehe

OK … I’ve got to chime in here…

Since the Yamaha acquisition of SB this forum has become the best customer/developer conduit out there for a major software / hardware manufacturer. I guess they got extra resources … or must made a great decision to try harder.

Regardless, throughout the forum categories there has been healthy comment from Mods, announcements about forthcoming software and hardware releases … even release dates which have been met! Compare that to the Apple forums, or Avid, or Mackie, or Sony … or anyone. There isn’t even a comparison worth making.

In the past 2 years SB’s offerings have expanded immensely … particularly in the hardware and now iOS realm. Personally I like the offerings and the integration I’m seeing. But it makes for a lot of work on the dev-end and possibility for bugs to creep in. Combine this with the fact that the faster maintenance releases are pumped out, the more likely they are to introduce unintended side effects … ie more bugs! The fact we’ve had 2 updates to V7 already seems breakneck to me!

Sure … I’m old ( my first “bug” report for a product was by telegram!!! Really!! ) … but I think what is happening in this forum is great. I think SB are doing an incredible job right now. There will be things in all the products we don’t like and we should write about them but I don’t think pushing for a weekly update will get anyone anywhere except frustrated.

I like V7 … but I’m easing into it. Little experiments and projects first … and staying with V6 for stuff that has to ‘get done’. In this way, by the time I want to do a major project in 7 ( usually when going back to the old version feels ‘awkward’ ) we’ll be a few months down the path and most of the wrinkles will be ironed out. I advise you all to do the the same. “Grow” into the new. If you like rapid change-overs wait 6 months before upgrading anything.

+1 on this ! :slight_smile:

I find that sometimes the best way to learn the new features is to use it on “important” projects…as long as you give yourself a little more time. A few minor stuff aside, I’m pretty pleased so far how smooth C7 performs for me.


If C7works, great. If it works for you just as fast as C6 did be happy and produce.

What I don’t understand is why fanboys who claim they love C7 and proclaim everything works just fine for them even come to this forum where in C7, broken functions, confirmed bugs, ZERO key commands for a console, and abandoned features that were in C6 are brought to Steinbergs attention.


Just a friendly bump. Hoping someone at SB will be kind enough to respond. For me, it looks as though the two issues I’ve had (track coloring/Mackie/Euphonix mixer not hiding channels) has been solved in 7.03. Since those two issues alone generated multiple threads with many, many posts, I was hoping 7.03 would come sooner rather than later.


Yes, I for one have had enough of these secritive guessing games Steinberg likes to play with us about these release dates. No solid release dates—ever. I believe that I as a customer deserve to know what’s going on with bug fixes etc… We likely wont hear a response any time soon after last update we were given some infos and then we busted their balls when it was inaccurate…

I hope you can see where you’re wrong. The customers are their work, and there isn’t even a mod around to calm down the antsy forum-goers.

Just acknowledging the fact that there are complaints would show that somebody is listening, and most software developers understand how important that is to their customers. People want to know they’re being heard, even if they don’t necessarily get what they demand.