experi-mental audio/video

this started a while back but I’m still adding to it, found a cool sound by putting a mic up to a wine glass while rubbing the strings so I added that. ya its kinda weird, made a mess mukin around with oil, food coloring and a flashlight, lol. also tried some chrome key and transparencies with some homemade insect footage.
my science project called blurredVision


I know some like to see some playin, so I’ll stick this in here too since I’m in the remembering old days mood. some old cottage photos and vids. my analog cam is hard to sync all the playing, so I played the opening acoustic part and the finishing lead electric live direct to vid. kind of embarrassing its so simple of a groove so feel free to skip it, lol. I called it reflections.


Hey Bob, Dylan here :slight_smile:

If blurred vision reflects your inner soul, man then you have a dark side :wink:
I see more and more video’s coming here, I made one myself a few years back, just to excercise the idea, but it was so much work (probably because it was new to me) that I didn’t went further withit. But I think a new breed of artists is rising, people making there own music and videoclip as one piece instead of different art departments.
I should jump on that wagon but then I have to learn soooo much again…Pffffff.

I find what you did beautifull, well thought through and very intriging. Keep it up.

I also liked the second one, reflection, up till the point when the pitoresque cottage came into play, that kind of ruined the soothing mood it was in. Still technically a good job.

Greetz Dylan.

lol, yes I do, I know you’re not supposed to be able to freak yourself out with your own tracks but I try to do that sometimes in the wee hours. usually its someone elses work that does that because you’re not ready or aware of whats next and I like when that happens. but the fact I try usually gets me to a strange place.

ya I know what you mean, it kind of freezes the feel with still pics.

appreciate your thoughts dylan and also for watching both. unfortunately like you say, hours at the vid station take hours away from music but it works as just another creative outlet.

What videosoftware do you use?

I’m using adobe premiere and ulead vidstudio. cool thing about using premiere is you can import some of photoshops plugins into the premiere directory and you have free new effects.

Great stuff, both videos very interesting.

Like the blobs and insects in the first one, and equally so the real people in the second. :wink:

Nice work sir!

Nice, I liked the second track a lot. The first was a bit too mentally challenging for my Sunday afternoon :wink:

much appreciated jet and strophoid

and ya the 1st one is rather out there, just like I am at times, lol

Great vids, Bob!

1st Vid - At some point in your life, you’ve taken LSD, aint ya? (rhetorical question! :wink: :laughing: )

2nd Vid - Cool to see you playin around

Good stuff!

Nice! First one was definitely weird! :laughing: A fascinating watch though.
The second also a good clip - I particularly love the music on this one too- great track! :sunglasses:

:blush: its how I became a wannabie musician :laughing:

thanks sherz, ya weird stuff happens in the wee hours :smiley: