experience with built-in sound card on OSX

Hi Everyone,

I have heard successful stories about people using their Macbooks without an external soundcard for projects.

I have never had any luck in doing this? It will always lack and have CPU spikes.

So my question is:

Is this possible or is Cubase simply just made for external soundcards?

Why can you e.g. use Ableton without SC, but not Cubase?

Hope to hear from you!

P.S. This is mainly because I sometimes use Cubase on-the-go and not always have the possibility to have an external SC with me.

Thank you

use the mac book pro 2009 osx 10.8.5 with cubase 7.06 halion 4, on the street, on the train, I compose, I can guarantee that your internal sound card and not one problem, even at lower latencies.
obvious warms up a bit the mac, it consumes more battery, but I do not see spike …
advice …
8 gb ram,
cubase 32 bit
install the free application memory to control consumption.
install smc fan controll is also free, to control the temperature of the cpu …