Experience with the CMC controllers

Has anyone laid their hands on the new CMC controllers?
What do they feel like? What materials are they made of? Is it all plastic?

I am more interested in the CMC-FD, but I find it pricey for just 4 faders and I really don’t know how responsive the touch strips are. It would be great if someone who has tried it could share their experience.

I bought 3 of them and to be honest, i have been very disappointed with them. I already talked about it on other threads here. I have been trying to sell mine for 3 weeks on ebay , not a single bid even for $99, I bought 2 bfc2000s to replace those and am far happier with that, cost me $300 gives me 16 motorized faders and works great in cubase 6.
I generally dislike touch interface so others might disagree. I tried but it only reinforced my opinion on touch interface.

I still have mine for sale if anyone is interested…

Hey yannickm,

Thanks for sharing. Could you please explain the reasons why you did not like them? Just looking at them on the website does not give me confidence in these controllers, they look cheap to be honest. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to them.

i didn’t like the feel of them at all, feels very cheap and the sensitivity isn’t great, in latch mode it is hard to find the spot to latch on, you end up sliding up and down trying to catch it by that time you moved it too far up or down. you can use the shift to make finer adjustments but that is awkward to hold shift while sliding your finger, especially if you are trying to move multiple faders together! you can’t beat actual faders in terms of usability. the meters on them is pretty much pointless, what is the point of meters with a resolution of a dozen led lights 1/4 inch thick? all gimmick to appeal to the ipad/ everything touch is better generation I guess… that is a different thread

that’s my opinion, I don’t usually comment much, but those are so bad for the cost, I actually feel ripped off, although i only have myself to blame for buying them without trying first.

I do like the other CMC controllers on the other hand.

I have a CC121 and a CMC PD. My 121 is built like a tank, heavy and I like that. I also like the physical fader. I tried the other CMC units and was not impressed simply because I feel like the CC121 can do almost all that the others can do in some way or another. The CMCs are also lighter and seem “cheaper.”

Having said that, the ability for people to mix and match I think is a plus. Also, I purchased the CMC PD for the 16 buttons to write key commands/macros on and execute them. Works great for that. Not really using it for it’s main purpose to make “beatz” as the kids would say :confused: But I tried it for drums and found that I’m too used to using a keyboard, when I can rest my finger on the key until the next note. The CMC pads are triggered again if I do this (too sensitive). I know there’s a way to adjust it, but I’m not interested. Just want to use it for macros.