Experimental string based pop!

Not sure how to import my mp3’s here, so will guide you to my reverb page.
My knowledge of cubase begins and ends with ’ press record’
Recommend ‘Begin by Ending’ and ‘Einstein’


PS. If anyone lives in Islington, London and is available for occasional technical mac/cubase help, please get in touch.

you can upload with a few sites “soundcloud” " bandcamp" or “soundclick” ,thats what most people tend to use on here ,by the way, very nice songs. :smiley:

thanks firestamper ( good name by the way! ) i do have a soundcloud account, but not been on it for ages…cheers for the info

i personally think bandcamp is the best quality it seems to keep more of the original tone, although soundcloud has that visual sound wave which i think some people like. i always thought my username was a bit dumb ,i am not a firefighter, it has nothing to do with Prodigy ( firestarter) it is a dedication to an old friend who danced like they were stamping out a fire :open_mouth:

Cool sound. I like it :smiley:

i must be a bit dumb then firestamper! :confused: ( what’s happening to me? i never use smilies! )
thanks goddfodder - appreciate the comment.

I loved that tune! (Begin by Ending) Nice reverb!

Personally, I think the whole point of being a songwriter/musician is to do something that isn’t like everything else out there… otherwise, what’s the point? You have certainly created something here that expresses your individuality, yet also hints at your influences – good job

When I get more time I’m gonna check out the rest of them

thanks so much twilightsong
i suppose i don’t have a format and just go with feel…after going to music college and learning everything traditionally, it all gets thrown out of the window!
i’d love to know who you think my influences are? i have no idea!

Maybe I could have phrased it better: I hear a nice underlying (yet subtle) mix of traditional songwriting styles, with your unique imprimatur laid over it

Has an ‘energy’ about it - similar to early “Sugarcubes” (the band that made Bjork)

when i saw bjork live in hammersmith a few years ago with her unbelievable backing band, i thought i was going to explode from all the energy she gave out.
i do relate to that sort of energy…and there are so many examples of it in music ( john cales viola on ‘heroin’ )
thanks for the comment!

Believe me - If I saw Bjork up close… I too would explode…

I just hope she does not tease me about it in the morning :laughing:

still not sure how to download my soundcloud tracks?
how do you actually extract the wav or is it wave?!

Listening to “Begin By Ending”. Great! I love stuff that’s got a different approach from everything else. You succeeded! Going to listen to this again, and also the other ones. Thanks for posting!

And, I love Bjork too, and the Sugarcubes.

thanks early!

:astonished: I nearly fell off my chair when I read that! As mentioned in a full therad by Twighlight and reiterated in one of my recent song threads it seems the BC quality is quite variable… while many tracks sound fine I have a few that are absolutely dreadful. :confused: There’s polenty of choices out there but for free accounts, usually limited to 128MP3 quality there’s no reason not to simply stay with Reverbnation for the purposes of posting tunes here. :sunglasses:

Some nice tunes! I’ll listened to several tracks. Pop with a quirky kinda spin makes for some interesting listening. For someone who says:

My knowledge of cubase begins and ends with ’ press record’

  • the mixes actually sound pretty good (on my headphones).


thanks sherz!
i am gradually learning more about cubase, mostly by what it sounds like rather than any technical reason!
i can use midi to do a basic drum track…but need to more on this. i was surprised when someone said “nice reverb” as i just use the basic on board cubase one for everything!
the songs sound ok but the ‘production’ is still only about 20% of what i hear in my head…so looking froward to learning more


the cubase tutorial videos are very helpful as regards learning new tricks, much easier than the manual,even mixing and mastering subjects on utube are helpfull .

well that was the first impression i got ,i put the same song onto bandcamp and soundcloud and bandcamp seem to keep a bit more of the highs ,although i`ve found looking at a different colour monitor screen can change the sound perception :confused: :laughing:

yes i must look on youtube firestamper…thanks for the reminder!


[/quote] i`ve found looking at a different colour monitor screen can change the sound perception :confused: :laughing:[/quote]

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