Experimenting with instrument combinations

In my DAW, Reaper, I often experiment with instrument combinations before writing anything. In Dorico I’m able to select more than one staff for other purposes but am yet to find a way to play more than one instrument in combination before I commit to writing a single note. I suspect I’ve missed a shortcut somewhere that would enable me to do this.

You mean you want a single staff to be played back by multiple instruments simultaneously? You can’t easily do that, I’m afraid: each instrument in Dorico can only be routed to a single endpoint.

You can add more sample instruments in the VST player to the same MIDI channel – but their Key switches will need to align if you want any articulation.

See my post here:

The same logic of divisimate,
It should be a measing,but for this time, there is a limitation of one active midi input in same time :pray:

No, sorry I should have said track rather than staff. I meant playing the sound of more than one vst, them being on different tracks with their own audio. I know if I record a track I can play it back while recording another vst but I wondered if it was possible to audition the sound of vsts on more than one track before writing anything. From the. other comments it look likes the answer is probably no