Experiments with Noteheads

After a few minutes of playing around with the new notehead set editor, I managed to create a “Renaissance” set of noteheads. Lovely!


I feel sheepish bringing this up on the heels of a brand-new update (which I’m glad for), but this is just another reason why I’m pining for the option to export and import libraries. I would very much like to be able to share these sorts of customized things I’ve done, and collect others’ work for future projects.

Yes, I know I can save blank “templates” and such, but custom libraries would be much preferred.

Unless someone can suggest a good way to collect these sorts of user-created items…

Yes, that would be good if we could selectively export little bundles like this.

If I have one criticism, it’s that the bottom row of buttons in the Notehead Set editor looks a little unfinished. It looks like they were planning to put more buttons in but then left them out. Individually spaced buttons, without the ‘slot’, would look a bit better, IMO.

I made a mensural notation notehead set - wonderful for typesetting those old Machaut isorhythmic motets and such in something similar to their original notation! It would be nice to ALSO be able to use mensural notation rests… I tried to hack an old-format Dorico file (where the scorelibrary file was still in an .xml format) in order to make it use the mensural notation rest set in Bravura… but no dice… the rests were all converted to modern rests when I opened the file. Any chance of slipping in an analogous rest editor in the next maintenance update?!?

Bravo to everyone involved with Dorico 2!

It’s unlikely that we will be adding a dedicated rest editor in the near future, but we do plan to add a more general-purpose “music symbols” editor, which would allow you to edit all of the symbols used by the program for things like rests, clefs, time signature digits, and so on, so it would be possible to replace the rest symbols using that dialog.