Expired certificate

Every time I want to visit the forum Firefox gives this message: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE.
Am I the only one who gets this error message?

That is a surprise. Looking at the certificate details for forums.steinberg.net in Firefox 120.0 on my Windows 11 machine, I see that the certificate expires on 11 January 2024.

Are you running an obsolete version of Firefox, by any chance?

This is happening with me too. On both IOS (latest version) and Safari in Mac OS Monterey (latest a version).

I used a bookmark in Firefox: “h t t p s://w w w .stein berg . net/forums”. (I added some spaces in the url otherwise the url is not visible as url in this message)
When I used this, there came an URL with redirect in it and the certificate expired message. Now I found out that if I use “https://forums.steinberg.net” there is no problem. So my problem is solved.
Perhaps a very old bookmark that is not up to date anymore.

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