Expired License and customer service not available

A couple of years ago I bought an UR22 and the Cubase version that came along with it, and everything worked perfectly. Five months ago I formatted my PC and had to reinstall Cubase and re-download the life long license in order to reactivate the product. It seems I somehow mistakenly downloaded a trial license that is now expired, so that I cannot start up my Cubase AI 7 at all. I tried to reactivate the product but I did not get the new code for my sof licenser, no matter how many times I tried (I have the latest e licenser version available). I would like to be able to use the life long license program and the device I paid for. I will attach a screen of the current state of my licenser, hoping that it may prove useful to solve this problem. Thanks in advance for the response.

So, I sent this mail more than a week but no one answered; I tried to call the customer service and no one answered. So now I am here looking for help from any of you guys :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help!

Hi and welcome,

I can see Cubase LE 7 Trial and Cubase LE 7 license. From my point of view, Cubase should use the Cubase LE 7 license, and ignore the Trial license here. Are you sure you are starting Cubase 7 LE version? Could you post a screenshot of the message, please?

Here are the screens; I am starting the LE version, but it seems that it is not installed. If I try to reactivate it through My Steinberg nothing happens; when starting the program it just freezes while setting up the installation :unamused:

So you cannot even install Cubase, right?

Do you have 64-bit Windows? Do you install 64-bit Cubase?

Yes I have 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Cubase; the thing is that the program worked just fine until the trial license expired. At the moment the program is installed but somehow it believes is not installed?? It’s all kinds of confusing, really.

Why do you install it once again? What happens if you just start Cubase?

It tries to install itself and it ends up freezing like in the screenshot I posted . Do you see the installer that says that it’s setting up? That’s what happens :unamused: Should I try to uninstall it?

Bu you said it was installed and it worked. So is it still installed, or did you uninstall it? If yes, what happens if you just start Cubase (not to install it)?

If I start Cubase it runs the installer which freezes while setting up the installation, as I told you. I never uninstalled the program, here you can see it’s installed. I am attaching the screenshots. Thank you for your concern btw :slight_smile:

From my point of view, it seems, you don’t start Cubase, but you start Cubase installer (the D: drive). The result of this, I can see on the 2nd screen. Start Cubase Elements 7 application (from the Start menu), not the installer, please.

I actually am starting the application and not the installer. Here’s what happens.

OK, if the message about the installation appears while loading video… The video engine was based on QuickTime in Cubase 7. Make sore you have QuickTime Player installed on your system.

Even if I wonder, Cubase tries to install it. Cubase should just inform you the engine is not available.

Or does the message appear earlier, when something else is on the splash screen?

It would be nice to reinstall, or repair the Cubase installation, if possible.

The message about the installation does not appear exactly when loading video, it just pops up in place of the actual program, after all the normal loading. I have already tried to repair the installation, so I’ll try to reinstall it and see what happens.

I reinstalled the program and re-dowloaded QuickTime, but nothing really changed. Here’s the screen. Funny thing is Cubase 5 works just fine :unamused:

That’s really weird… What does Cubase want to install…?

Since Cubase 5 is actually working, I guess it somehow fails to start Cubase 7 Elements (which IS installed). I really don’t know what’s happening here either :slight_smile:

Register your eLicenser to your MySteinberg, then run the eLicenser Installation Helper found here:

It’s a good idea to upgrade to Cubase Elements 9.5 if you can, since it’s actually designed with Wndows 10 in mind.