Expired license message

Can someone please tell me exactly which files to delete on my pc to make this go away?
The only thing I have managed to do is uninstall groove agent se acoustic agent. Lol
Screenshot (29).jpg

Why do you have uninstalled groove agent SE? It is part of Cubase. Maybe you should reinstall it. Or uninstall the groove agent content also.

Did you look at the pic??

Yes. The message is just about the GA SE content, but you wrote you’ve uninstalled the GA SE plugin. Why?

Open the eLicencer program and run a maintenance

Thanks peakae. I have tried that. For some reason I can’t remove those licenses. I was hoping someone can tell me what files to delete so Cubase doesn’t keep pointing to them. I otherwise I will end up deleting the wrong ones again. Lol.
Mostly an annoyance, there are no performance issues involved.

Hey, TBlanner. Did you manage to fix this problem? I have the same problem, and the web page that Cubase refers to does not help to resolve it. I’m on a mac computer btw.