Expired license

Hi. I have tryed to contact you about my licence problem for Cubase Elements 12. You have sent me an email about update license in E-licenser… but my license is broken. I have tryed for almost a month, to get in toutch,no anwer. 3 mails …
I have updated, re installed everything…nothing works…
My friend has Pro version, no problem with this at all!!

So…now my patience is …i getting angry on Steinberg.

You have broken my license…and I have bought this product.
Fix my broken license, and for all the trouble you should give me an Pro version for free. Take care of your customers. I have had an broken Studio for almaost a month.

What do you mean by “broken license”? Are you upgrading from a previous version? Which version you upgrading from? Can you post a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden?