Expired MP3 Encoder won't let me start Cubase?

I have been using Cubase Elements 7 for a few years already, and I don’t remember ever even having a license for the MP3 Encoder in my eLicenser.

Anyway, today I openned the program and it won’t start, and the following window appears:
“No valid License found. The program will quit now.”
At the current situation, my soft licenser shows a Full license for Cubase Elements 7, and an Expired Demo license of the MP3 Encoder.
I searched the web for “MP3 Encoder validity” and figured out that the Encoder comes in a limited version for Elements, and that I have to purchase another one.
However, not one of those who reported the problem had any trouble starting Cubase. They simply couldn’t import into MP3.
It makes me think that my problem is not the Encoder. The window which pops when I try to start Cubase doesn’t say anything about the Encoder as well.
So before I buy a new Encoder just to see that it doesn’t change anything, I’d like to have your help.
Can the Expired MP3 Encoder prevent Cubase from even starting?

Another thing I noticed - the license for the Encoder writes - Expiration Date: 2016-09-30, Remaining Starts: 20
I have succesfully used Cubase and specifically the MP3 audio mixdown long after that date. So I suspect now that the expiration has no actual influence on my Cubase, and it seems more likely that I have a different problem with my Cubase license itself.
Any ideas?

Try this:

Uninstall elicenser, install latest version, run elcc as admin, run maintenance.

Initially there was an eror in the Cubase license as well, which was fixed when I reopened the eLicenser as admin.
Anyway, after a few days and possibly simply a restart, the issue is fixed as a whole, I can access Cubase now.
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