Expired plugins

Despite all efforts, I’m still getting this PITA notice! Do I need to perform a Registry search and get this guy out of my computer? He is an excellent drummer though :slight_smile:.

That message looks like you’ve got something in your Template that is attempting to access that content.

Thanks, Raino. Another one similar to it appears when I’m starting Cubase. How do I get rid of this? It’s in the VST sound library. Where the heck is that?

I’ve never had issues with any other plugin trials. Please see attached pic.

I assume this is Steinberg expansion pack. Have you tried removing it using the Steinberg Library Manager?

Nope. How do I open that? Thanks.

Looks like you’re on Windows, so press the Windows key and then start typing library. You should see Steinberg Library Manager show up.

Thanks for that, Mike. Simon Philips drums are nowhere to be found in the Library Manager :frowning:. Beats the heck out of me.