Explain It To Me Like I'm A 5 Year Old: Kontakt And Cubase Outputs

I’m trying to use a Kontakt library which requires 16 STEREO outputs. I’ve never done anything -close- to that in Cubase 10 so…

When I open Cubase and create an instance of Kontakt, I get 4 Stereo channels and 4 aux channels and then a whole mess of mono channels. I can reconfigure all those Kontakt channels and outputs however I like using the physical outs available from Cubase -but- HOW DO I CHANGE THE PHYSICAL CUBASE CONFIGURATION?

IOW: How do I tell -Cubase- that, instead of basically 8 Stereo channels and 16 mono channels in the MixConsole, I want 16 stereo tracks in the MixConsole? (which then show up as plugin destinations inside Kontakt).