Explain Output Routing of MIDI info to me in small words

Okay, posting here was a last resort. I’ve tried to figure this out from the manual and from trial and error to no avail. Can someone explain some things about Output Routing in Cubase 5 to me? Specifically, I’m trying to use a MIDI track to control a VST plugin (Wah Wah). Is there a way to do this without creating a group and using a sidechain? Is there a quick and easy way to drop a Wah Wah effect (or something like it) on an audio track and then write the automation for it?

I’m not a dumb person: I have a masters degree and am getting my PhD, but I can’t figure this stuff out and it’s KILLING ME.

Using the track’s automation:

  1. Put effect in audio track
  2. Click the “W” button on the track (this will enable writing automation. Both the “R” and “W” buttons will be enabled [this is normal]).
  3. During playback, move the controls of the effect. Automation will be written

Every insert on every track can have it’s own automation.
To only read automation from a track, ensure that the “R” button is enabled (green) and the “W” button is disabled.

Chapter 14 of the Operation Manual, starts on page 189

Thank you. That makes perfect sense. Now I feel even dumber for needing that explained to me.