Explanation from Steinberg regarding lost licenses (Solved)

Hi there,

It’s going to be OK. I’ve talked to our support team about your case and you will get your H5 add-on license.

Hi Matthias,
I have also recently sent you a PM regarding a similar request, regarding on going and permanent access to 32bit/64bit for Hal5
Could you please confirm you receieved and or its status,
thanks in advance

Hi Stef,

I have just answered your PM.

@All: Please understand, that most of the times I won’t be able to reply to your PMs on the weekends…


Hi there,

I apologize for re-opening an ancient thread but it seems like others who are suffering from the issue that I have have received help here.

I am a Halion Sonic 3 owner and up until recently this allowed me to use my Hypersonic 1 and 2 license. This was the main reason I purchased Halion Sonic. As of sometime recently,my elicenser no longer allows me to use Hypersonic. I have hundreds of projects that are using Hypersonic 2 and I can no longer work on any of them until this is resolved.

@Matthias_Quellmann - I have a support ticket in for help but was hoping you would be able to assist me? I can provide my support ticket number, elicenser number and Halion Sonic license. Please let me know if there is anythin you can do. I’m nervous that I have lost all of my projects that use Hypersonic.

Thank you in advance!