Explicit rests in part layouts

In this short attached score, I’ve created some explicit rests in bars 2 and 4, but they are not shown in the parts. I would like for the explicit rests to override the default bar rest shown in the parts.

I’ve tried setting local properties globally, and propagating properties, and I’ve looked in the manual and forum but I can’t find any answers.

Do I need to re-create all of these explicit rests in each part as well as the score? Thanks for any advice!

Explict-rests-test.dorico (392.0 KB)

If the only thing in a bar is rests, Dorico will treat that bar as though it were a multi-bar rest (and style it as such, with a “1” above and an H-bar if that’s how you have your Engraving Options set).

I can’t think of a good way around this; I suppose you could construct a Playing Technique with no visual glyph as a means to quickly break the rest.

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Thanks Leo! I guess I would like to make this a request, that explicit rests can break a multi-bar rest, if that option doesn’t currently exist.

You could perhaps create a notehead set that looks like a rest, and use that for at least one rest in each bar?

Thanks very much for the response - for this piece, it’s a string quartet and everyone plays most of the time, so I was able to turn off multi-bar rests, and use lots of cues.

Leo’s suggestion is pretty fast though. It’s easy assign a PT to the second quarter rest in the bar then just alt-click as needed which will break all the rests in the parts.

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Alt clicking is one of my favorite features in dorico.

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